Since 2009 we have been firstly in the production industry, then in 2013, enriched by the experience, we shifted towards the robotics automation industry. We provided service to various clients from automotive, food, machine building, line building and other industries.

Our cutting-edge Robot Welding Cells, precision-engineered to upgrade your welding processes. These solutions seamlessly blend advanced robotic technology with top-tier welding capabilities, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and consistently high-quality results. Our cells offer the option of integration with an advanced positioner, enhancing maneuverability for precise welds on a variety of components.

Whether equipped with or without a positioner, these cells are designed to significantly boost efficiency, automate the welding process, and deliver optimal performance, making them an indispensable asset for manufacturing facilities seeking to elevate their welding operations.

Transform your polishing operations with our advanced technology. Bid farewell to the challenges of intricate robot programming, as our system empowers you to effortlessly design polishing paths without requiring prior expertise in robotics. Benefit from a brief learning curve, swiftly gaining proficiency in crafting paths for individual polishing tasks. Enhance your polishing capabilities with our user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Robotic Milling Cell is a revolutionary solution designed to elevate milling processes across industries. This advanced system ensures unmatched precision for various materials and shapes, optimizing productivity and reducing the reliance on extensive manual labor.

Our robotic milling cell delivers superior precision and consistency, seamlessly adapting to intricate designs and diverse materials. Embrace streamlined workflows and heightened productivity as the system transforms complex milling tasks into efficient, automated operations.

Pick-and-Place Palletizing Systems are advanced robotic cells designed to streamline and optimize material handling processes. These cutting-edge systems offer seamless automation for efficient palletizing, ensuring precise pick-up and placement of items. Enhance your operational efficiency with our state-of-the-art solution, reducing manual labor and achieving consistent, high-quality palletization.

Our Pick-and-Place Palletizing Systems redefine material handling, combining robotic precision with advanced automation. From stacking goods for shipment to organizing storage, these systems offer a versatile solution for various industries.

This is where precision meets efficiency. Our Scara robots are designed for tasks requiring fast and accurate horizontal movements. Offering a versatile solution for various industries, these robots excel in assembly, pick-and-place, and other applications demanding swift and precise actions. Experience seamless automation and elevate your production capabilities with the reliability and speed of our Scara robotic systems.

Within our production program, Masterwerk offers design and manufacturing services for control cabinets tailored to the needs of process automation, production lines, machinery, or equipment. These control cabinets are available in the following configurations:

  1. Individual (customized) cabinets;
  2. Modular cabinets;
  3. Serial control cabinets.

specifically Eplan Electric P8, and the documentation obtained is an integral part of each delivered control cabinet. In accordance with the customer’s requirements or standards, we utilize equipment from the requested manufacturers, collaborating with suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff, Wago, Rittal, and others.