Today, our sole focus is on production automation and robotics

With over 500 successful projects, we’ve collaborated with global leaders in the automotive and food production sectors. Over time, our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 is expanding, keeping us in step with the latest industry trends. With each new project, our understanding deepens, allowing us to incorporate the latest advancements into our solutions.

Creation of Centre for Robotics

Our rich experience working alongside industry leaders played a key role in kickstarting the creation of a robotics center, DKR – German Centre for Robotics. Here, we offer comprehensive education, including hands-on training and retraining, for employees of international companies, university students, and individuals eager to enhance their skills in the realms of automation, robotics, and CNC machines. We collaborated with many international universities, including Cooper Union, Munich University of Applied Sciences and LaTrobe University from Melbourne.

Word fromFounder & CEO

Muamer Babajić
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Small team with big accomplishments behind the name

Behind the Masterwerk® name is a tight-knit group working wonders in our small, agile space for global excellence. Although our team is not so big, our combined experience surpasses 100 years, emphasizing our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment. We tackle big challenges in the world of industrial robotics and automation. Together, we take on substantial challenges in the area of industrial robotics and automation, emphasizing that our success is derived from the collaborative effort of the entire team rather than individual roles.

What do we bring to the table?

With a wealth of experience as our foundation, we elevate productivity, quality, and innovation through a blend of proven strategies and groundbreaking solutions in the automation domain. Our extensive expertise, cultivated over 100 years of experience collectively, empowers us to not only meet industry standards but to redefine them.

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