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This service is vital for businesses navigating the complexities of integrating robotic automation, addressing issues like the lack of specialized programmers, stringent project timelines, and the need for precision in automated tasks. Our expertise spans across various platforms, including OLP / Offline programming with tools like RobCad and Process Simulate, ensuring a seamless, efficient setup and operation.

Our approach combines in-depth knowledge of robotic systems with a strategic implementation plan, guaranteeing that your robotics solutions are not only effective but also adaptable for future advancements. The inclusion of offline programming capabilities allows for meticulous planning and simulation, minimizing downtime and optimizing production processes.

Our robot programming expertise encompasses a broad range of systems and software, ensuring versatility and precision in automation projects

Choose Masterwerk GmbH for advanced robot programming services that prepare your production lines for the future, leveraging our comprehensive expertise to enhance your operational efficiency and productivity.

Robot Controllers

KUKA KR C5, ABB OmniCore and IRC5, FANUC RJ3, highlighting our ability to work across major robotics platforms.


We hold VASS certification for KUKA and ABB systems, demonstrating our advanced capability in these environments.

Offline Programming

Expertise in OLP / Offline programming using RobCad and Process Simulate, enabling us to design and test robotic systems virtually for optimal real-world performance.

Wide Range of Robots

Proficiency with MOTOMAN / YASKAWA, STÄUBLI, CLOOS robots, showing our comprehensive service offering.

Advanced Software Skills

Our team is skilled in using advanced programming techniques and tools for robot programming, ensuring efficient and reliable automation solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We specialize in programming for KUKA, ABB, FANUC, MOTOMAN / YASKAWA, STÄUBLI, and CLOOS robots, covering a wide range of industry-leading brands.

Yes, we provide offline programming services using RobCad and Process Simulate, enabling precise simulation and planning before implementation.

Our team holds VASS certifications for KUKA and ABB robots, ensuring high-quality programming standards.

Absolutely. Our expertise includes seamless integration of robotic systems into current manufacturing environments, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

We employ the latest technologies and programming techniques to ensure that our robotic solutions are adaptable for future advancements and operational needs.

Pick and Place (Handling, Packaging, Palletizing, Stacker, etc.), Welding, Gluing, Measuring (gap dimension uniformity, Geometric body measurement), SCARA, etc.

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What truly makes us exceptional is the trust we’ve earned from our clients. Since our start in 2009, we’ve collaborated with numerous companies, including global industry leaders. Our accomplishments go beyond mere statistics, showcasing the trust placed in us by these renowned organizations and our consistent track record of successfully completing projects for them.

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