Robot programming

Masterwerk is your specialist when it comes to automation

Our core competences correspond to complex production processes which are realized with the use of industrial robots. We can provide you a comprehensive variety of services.

  • 3D-Simulation
  • Online programming
  • Offline programming
  • PLC Programming

Since more than 50 years industrial robots are revolutionizing processes and change working procedures into an efficient workflow. Together with our premium partners KUKA, ABB and other renowned robot manufactures we optimize your development plan.
The automobile industry was a game changer referring to the development of automatization technique. We are pursuing every new development to guarantee a portfolio of services and trainings which is up to date referring to the latest releases of changes in the art of robot programming.

Online programming

We can offer you online robot programming within the automotive industry.

Our know how lies with KUKA, FANUC and ABB robots.
We can support you with onsite launch support, cycle time reduction, adding or modifying existing production lines or segments and various other integration work.

Our Team is young and flexible, ready to take on the next challenge.
In today world, everything is moving very fast, and quick reaction times play a key factor.

Offline programming

We can simulate various robot within Process Simulate and RobCad.

Simulation, Robot Reach Study, Creating Collision Zones, and projecting the robots cycle time, generating offline programs and the generating the documentation are part of know how.

To date we are commissioning robots with vision, welding, gluing and handling applications.