Stored program control PLC

PLC Programming is the foundation of ambitious controlling tasks for individual automatization solutions.

To monitor and adjust complex processes it is indispensable to use storage-programmable logic controller. You ensure through flexible modular and programmable controller a safe and interference-free production sequence at a reasonable price.
Through implementation of the PLC technique into your assembly machinery park, the ratio of technical information will increase considerably.

Our experts for software development and PLC programming can offer you their long-term experience and comprehensive know-how in optimizing and adjusting storage-programmable logic controllers. We will manage for you the entire project from process analysis to implementation with a customized and capable solution.

We can offer you all renowned storage-programmable logic controller types, especially SIEMENS S7

We adjust all programming to our customer standards: Depending on our customers’ requirements we establish appropriate programs such as

  • Instruction set
  • Structured text
  • Functions plan (FUP)
  • Contact diagram (KOP)

Depending on the specific requirements we are using following programming languages. GRAPH7, High-Graph or Automatic Sequence Control [AS].

We have a large knowledge about the drive systems SIEMENS and BECKHOFF

Our experts realize an operating interface with different systems like WinCC, WinCC flexible or TIA Portal

Aside uniform PLC programming we plan and implement entire PLC Systems with…

  • Cell controlling
  • Programming and integration of safety control
  • Link of machinery controlling to super ordinated leading and industrial control system