Simulation & OLP

Perfect planning is the key for less loss of capacity and efficiency.

To guarantee you the best consumer satisfaction our motivation for our services is perfect planning. Our engineers simulate in a virtual company the automated processes that exact map the real assembly and avoids considerable loss of productivity.
Your benefit is a procedure which guarantees a high investment security.

At first, based on an engineering drawing, we set up a detailed virtual mapping of your production environment.
This model gives us a foundation to detect with a virtual reality simulation time saving opportunities. Another benefit for you is the possibility to plan and optimise complex machinery performances before you set up a complete assembly or production line element.

Our offline programming experts detect through this 3D Simulation essential parameters for the assembly process such as…

  • Total duration of all machinery movements
  • Collision avoidance in machinery environment
  • Feasibility study of robotic use
  • Optimized cycle time